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How Do I Get A Quote From True Visions Design?

Please visit our contact page and fill out the inquiry form for a no-obligation meeting.

We will arrange the meeting to know your exact design and programming requirements.
Once we are clear of your job scope, we will provide you a detailed quote with the features included.

What Do I Need To Prepare For A Typical CMS Website?

For a typical CMS (Content Management System) website, you will require to prepare these details:

-Sitemap and Content of each web page

-Logo of your company

-Questionnaire from our company. This questionnaire will allow us to better understand your
desired look and feel.

What Do I Need To Prepare For A Typical ECommerce Website?

For a typical eCommerce website, you will require to prepare these details:

-Sitemap and content for each web page
-Logo of your company
-Questionnaire from our company
-Product Details, for example, price, stock level (qty), description, product photo(s), etc.
-MailChimp API code, refer to https://createform.com/support/mailchimp-api
-The shipping charge/s for the order delivery
-The minimum order required for free shipping, if any
-PayPal details, like account email address, API username, API password, API Signature
-Email address for receiving the order and receiving the enquiry from the contact us page

What Is The Payment Term?

For a more accurate understanding of the payment term, please check on the Terms and Conditions in your quotation. For most of our web projects, an initial payment of 50% of the entire fees is required before we proceed with any meeting or design.

And the remaining payment of 50% is also due when we have completed the final design and programming. We remain supportive for our client’s work even after the final payment has been made, including support to launch the website and providing the warranty support after the website goes live.

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You may have also heard of people saying that this is how your website ranks on Search Engine (mainly Google) when users try to search for some of the services provided by your company.

SEO service is mainly categorized into On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. On-Page SEO refers to the work done on your website, for example: the Meta Tagging, Speed Optimizing, Building Internal Links, etc. Off-Page SEO refers to building up links externally.

Most of the web packages provided by True Visions Design come with basic On-Page SEO. However, we do not guarantee any success in keywords search. If you like to see results in SEO, separate SEO service has to be engaged and separate fees apply.


What Is the Turnaround for Web Designs?

A Web Design typically takes 3-4 Business Weeks after order is placed and all necessary content is received. All Websites are made Custom, and Design Timeframe may have a different timeframe based on client’s needs.

What Is The Turnaround For Flyer/Business Cards/Standard Graphic Designs?

Flyer & Graphic Designs typically takes 3-5 Business Days after order is placed and all necessary content is received.

Crazy Fast Turnaround: Same Day or 2-3 Business Days for a Rush Fee.

What Is The Turnaround For Logo Designs?

Logo Designs typically takes 10-15 Business Days after order is placed and any necessary content is received.

What Is The Turnaround For Shipping Orders?

Turnaround varies based on the type of turnaround you select, and options selected when ordering.

Economy Turnaround: 5-6 Business Days
Fast Turnaround: 3-4 Business Days
Faster Turnaround: 2-3 Business Day

All times begin from the day we receive your files, your job is paid, approved, and sent to print.

Saturday, Sunday, and holidays do not count as business days.

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+1 (888) 725-0299
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